Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision will support you with your professional practice.

What is Coaching Supervision?

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), which I am a member of, define supervision as, the interaction that occurs when a mentor or coach brings their coaching or mentoring work experiences to a supervisor.

The process of supervision is to be of service to the coach or mentor and to offer a guiding hand while engaging in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning. Supervision supports the development of the mentor or coach, and then through their own assimilation, they pass on these benefits to their clients or organisations.

As more organisations are developing a progressive coaching facility, I am finding that it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that these coaches receive the appropriate support, enabling them to perform at their best.

My coaching supervision programme is ideal for those seeking to develop their expertise in internal and external coaching. You may be in a leadership role or be responsible for coaching and mentoring others in business, management or you might be a freelance coach, whatever the case, please note you will be at the very heart of the supervision process.

Coaching supervision is a place for you to reflect on your work and continue with your professional development. Coaching supervision is a collaborative learning practice which will continually support you to build your capacity for coaching.

We will explore your reflective practice by using a variety of supervision models with the overall aim of enriching your coaching practice. You will also be given support and feedback in an environment that is conducive to work alongside your CPD plans. Read More by clicking on Reflective Learning

Here are some of the results and benefits you can expect from me: 

  • You will find coaching supervision will become an essential part of your CPD and will help to maintain your own professional competency (which is measured against coaching standards).
  • My coaching supervision enables you to critically assess and reflect on your own ability to perform as an effective coach or mentor. 
  • You will find coaching supervision supports you to develop the skills and theoretical knowledge of coaching, supervision methods, approaches, reflective practices and actions.
  • Coaching supervision enables you to evaluate the contribution of coaching/mentoring to stakeholders.

Career and Interpersonal Development

Career development is all about the impact you deliver for your employer or your private practice, and here you will see just a few of the benefits you can achieve from working with me in your supervision sessions.

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of supervision and how it has become a key feature for anyone providing coaching or mentoring.
  • You will explore how to improve your coaching capabilities, coaching approach and methods through on-going feedback, this will support you to plan your own and others’ professional development.
  • You will benchmark your practice against an accepted framework. Ensuring you are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding. 
  • You will achieve your supervision needs through effective measurement and relationship structures.

Below I have added in a few blogs to give you a deeper insight into what we will review in our sessions.

When we are coaching others we do need to ensure that we get to grips with the culture of the organisation and this includes understanding how Power, Influence and Authority, are perceived within the company. As such I have written an overview to support you in your coaching and mentoring role. Power, Influence and Authority

If you would like to engage in one-to-one supervision with me, please contact me for more details. 

Sessions are via video conferencing, phone and email. Investment required is £150.00 per hour. Face to face or in-house sessions can be developed and agreed on a bespoke basis. 

Supervision with me!

I offer coaching supervision as part of my ILM level 5 or 7 Effective Coaching and Mentoring courses. Or if you are an individual who is seeking supervision, then you will need go no further as you will gain a deeper understanding of your coaching practice with me.

Coaching Supervision

Coaching conversations!

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