Coaching and Mentoring supervision will support you in your professional practice.

This programme is ideal for those seeking to develop their expertise in internal and external coaching and mentoring. You will either, have a role in leadership or be responsible for coaching and mentoring others in business, management or you might work in a freelance or volunteer capacity. 

Coaching/mentoring practice and supervision is a place for you to reflect on your work and continue with your professional development. By enhancing your reflective practice you will gain constructive feedback on how you are performing. The supervision environment is to support you, your clients and CPD plans. You will find more information on “Reflective Learning” by reading this short overview. My intention, is for you to have a deeper  understanding of the importance of reflection as a professional. Reflective Learning

Results for You: 

Coaching/mentoring supervision is an essential part of your CPD and helps maintain your own professional competence (which is measured against coaching and mentoring standards). You will understand the purpose and principles of coaching/mentoring supervision. Critically assess and reflect on your own ability to perform as an effective coach or mentor. Develop the skills and theoretical knowledge of coaching supervision methods, approaches, reflective practices, and activity. Evaluate the contribution of coaching/mentoring supervision to your stakeholders.

Impact on your Employer or Private Practice:

Coaching/mentoring supervision is a key process for anyone providing coaching or mentoring. It will enable you to develop, gain feedback and to plan your own and others’ professional development. You will benchmark your practice against an accepted framework. This will ensure you are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding you need. You will plan and meet the required supervision standards and be able to engage in effective measurement of relationship standards. Emotional Intelligence is key to developing yourself and others. Read my  overview here Emotional Intelligence within Coaching and Mentoring. This overview is intended to give you a deeper understanding of how to work with EI when coaching and mentoring.

When we are coaching/mentoring others we do need to ensure we get to grips with the culture of the organisation and this includes understanding how Power, Influence, and Authority are perceived within the company. I hope you will find this overview supportive of both your coaching and mentoring role. Power, Influence, and Authority

If you would like one-to-one supervision please contact me for more details. Contact Eileen Hutchinson Discover how to ensure you are taking care of yourself, while taking care of others!

Sessions can be face to face, Skype or phone, and email and cost £75.00 per hour