Coaching, Mentoring and Management

Open courses available, with the choice of distance learning, one to one coaching or in-house training. Enrol anytime and decide on the best training option for you.

Accreditation for the ILM qualifications are achieved through my company EH Leadership Coaching Academy. Review the options below and click on the links for more details.

Improve performance and unleash potential with My comprehensive coaching and mentoring qualifications.

Why coaching? As well as increasing confidence and motivations, ILM’s coaching and mentoring qualifications improve management performance, conflict resolution, communication and interpersonal skills.

Coaching is an incredible skill to learn and as a coach, you hold peoples desires hopes and dreams within your hands. The process of inspiring others to make the necessary changes in their careers or lives is one I take seriously and I promise you I will use all the tools and skills I have learned and carefully honed over many years to support you. The coaching techniques I work with will give you the best possible opportunity to be successful. If you would like to see what kind of outcomes my coaches have achieved then please take time to view their comments from their individual perspective with me on my testimonial page.

World Vision

Eileen has been an incredible support and encourager. Her knowledge and experience along with her lovely personality have made this course so much easier. The flexible style works so well for someone like me (busy working mum), and Eileen has been amazing at fitting sessions in around me. I have been challenged by Eileen, and have grown so much since working with her. Eileen thank you so much. Couldn’t recommend someone more. Laura Mason

Diploma ILM Level 5 in Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Become the senior coach or mentor at work or train to become a specialist consultant. This course is for professional senior managers or middle managers who want to progress their career in all aspects of people management. What will it take for you to excel as an effective coach and mentor? If your role crosses all aspects of people development then this course is for you! “95% of learning and development managers say that coaching has delivered tangible benefits to their businesses”.

Specific coaching benefits include: better communication and interpersonal skills, increased confidence and motivation, improved conflict resolution, better management performance, improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, fewer errors, better performance in managers, of organisations with over 2,000 employees use business coaching”. Based on ILM results of learning and development professionals in 250 large organisations. Download Brochure Here. ILM Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Certificate ILM Level 5 in Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Develop skills as a coach and mentor within the workplace or as a freelance professional consultant. You can expect to receive practical and insightful training which is focused on increasing professional coaching/mentoring performance management skills. Who is this qualification for? This is ideal if you are a manager with significant responsibility for coaching and mentoring as part of your day-to-day role. It will also support you if you are planning to move into a development role in your organisation or start a career as a freelance coach and mentor. view the brochure here. ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching Certificate ILM Level 3

Get the practical experience of coaching and mentoring at work with this level 3 coaching and professional development course. This coaching training is for team leaders and first line managers or if you are a freelance trainer who wants to use coaching skills to offer personal and professional interventions, then this course will give you the foundations to coach individuals and teams.

Life Coaching Practitioner Course ILM Endorsed

Are you considering a career as a Life Coach or would you like to become a Personal Development Coach? This ILM course walks you through all the essential skills, tools, techniques and requirements for you to begin working as a professional coach.

 ILM Level 2 Award in Effective Mentoring

Develop employees by equipping them with key mentoring skills to impact on the ongoing success of your business. A mentoring culture is essential for developing responsive thinking and creativity.