Performance Coaching

Workplace Coaching, Leadership Development and Transformation.

Performance coaching still leads the field in business coaching and leadership development. Performance coaching is the foundations to my coaching practice, which inspired me to create a coaching model focusing on real outcomes for individuals and teams. The Insights Coaching model is featured in my book “Understanding Coaching and Mentoring” co-written with Dr Richard Hale.

My coaching model is now referenced by other authors and features in two academic texts “The Little Big Book of Coaching Models” and “The Little Big Book of Management Theories”, translated into 10 different languages.

You will find my coaching model enables you to achieve strength of character, transparency and the ability to develop influential relationships with individuals, teams or suppliers. When working with me I will challenge your perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in a safe and secure manner, enabling us to get to the very essence of the development needs for you or your team.

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching unlocks you and your team’s potential. Successful organisations create a workplace environment where individuals can show initiative, take responsibility and feel empowered to take measured risks. Performance coaching helps to achieve this by developing the skills to unlock versatility and innovation. Performance coaching supports business professionals to create an environment which enables individuals to learn, grow and to deliver their full potential.

Performance coaching engages employees, strengthens companies cultures and encourages individuals to become more resilient and able to deal with change. By developing these skills within your business, you are investing in your greatest asset, “the people who work for you”, supporting them to grow your business.

95% of learning and development managers see direct benefits of performance coaching to their organisations. 96% see direct benefits for the individuals being coached. 

Performance coaching improves efficiency and effectiveness, reduces employee turnover an improves morale. Participants benefit from increased confidence, a sense of personal growth and fulfilment and the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

I stand for leadership that is based on individual and collective awareness and responsibility, driven and led by all levels of an organisation. I strive for the integration of strategy, culture and leadership in assisting people and organisations to engage deeply with a society that demands new forms of corporate responsibility and public accountability, which is paramount to creating the world and future we desire.

I run a range of coaching and leadership development programmes for people of all levels. My coaching certification and leadership pathways include Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership within the workplace at Level 2 to 7 accredited by ILM (The institute of Leadership & Management) please visit EH Leadership Coaching Academy for the full range of course. 


NLP, CBT, Psychotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Coaching and Mentoring, Career Guidance, IAG Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Understanding Coaching and Mentoring (Insight Coaching & Mentoring Programme) Paperback – 2 Jan 2012
Publisher: MX Publishing (2 Jan. 2012)
ISBN-10: 178092108X

Publications I’m referenced in

The Little Big Book Of Coaching Models
(76 Ways to help Managers get the best out of people)
By Bob Bates
ISBN 978-1-292-08146-6

Podcast Performance Coaching.

Podcast Coaching Conversations

In-house or 1-2-1 Performance Coaching  “For Busy People” 

Performance coaching is aimed at individuals, managers and business professionals who want to expand and immerse themselves in a fresh and new way of thinking but have limited time to do it. By engaging in performance coaching with me, your focus will be to discover and develop new insights into your own behaviour and the behaviours of others. For me personally, Performance Coaching has become a philosophy for living and brings a wealth of meaning and understanding into our daily lives. Limited thinking and thought processes are not a part of my performance coaching.

I have developed a variety of coaching and leaderships programmes with a choice of one to one coaching via video conference calls or in-house training days. You will be at the very heart of what you want to achieve, and we will work at a pace that is just right for you. Performance coaching can give you so much more than just tools and techniques. Performance coaching gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice to develop, encourage and motivate you and your team straight away.

Explore the positive ways performance coaching can help improve your team’s performance. Develop practical skills and learn how to engage with others and achieve results.  Learn how to analyse, assess and plan to make those positive improvements within your team or business. Gain skills and knowledge to practice in a professional manner. Undertake self-assessments, plan and set goals, ultimately removing obstacles which have limited you or your team in the past.

Develop your leadership styles, undertake a series of personality profiles including a career diagnostic which will support the creation of your performance plan.  Enhance your skills and team capabilities.

Performance coaching will help you understand how you interact with others and remove any blocks to your interpersonal development. I will walk you through the Insights Coaching Model which will resolve a wide range of management problems.

Performance coaching which is comprehensive full of processes, tool, techniques and a reflective journal to capture the essence of the changing process. 1-2-1 coaching sessions at a time and pace which is right for you. Or in-house training days.

Insightful, inspirational and empowering sessions, helping to motivate and influence you, your staff, colleagues and stakeholders.

Improve your leadership and management skills and reputation by having access to the very best theories and models that every team should know and be able to us.