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Team Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes and it is just like one to one coaching but it involves the whole team.

Team coaching helps team members to overcome barriers to achieving team objectives. As a team member, you need to develop interpersonal and effective communication skills. Team coaching gives you the opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional responsibility and enables you to reach your potential and improves self-belief.

Team coaching is a powerful way to engage with others and to create proactive solutions to workplace issues and team performance.  Coaching effectively addresses both the individual and the corporate wheel, which involves understanding the company culture.  Cultural change takes time and a lot of inter perspective, and to some extent “naval gazing” so it goes without saying that if you want the team to change then you need to look at where the inherent barriers are. Team coaching not only supports this new way forward it reinforces new behaviours, goals and a new way of thinking.

The one to one coaching element kicks in as an aide memoir to help individuals to really focus on what they have learned from the process and gives them the opportunity to reflect on the intervention and to create personal behavioural changes too.

My 5 E’s model is now a key aspect of team coaching.

Environment – The Team growth coaching programme equips new and experienced leaders to accomplish growth in several areas of leadership. Develop an environment of open communication and move away from defensive or fearful behaviours. Engage – As a result, the team will engage with each other on a deeper level creating an environment of trust, respect, integrity, cohesion, and collaboration.

Exploring -This ultimately moves the team to explore areas of development, creativity, solutions and generates company objectives being met and results being achieved. Enhancing the team members will gain clarity around situations and team priorities become clear with an understanding of situations while moving away from personality constraints. thus improving the success rate of the team.

Elevate – The team will naturally elevate and support each other to work and perform towards a higher level of responsibility and accountability. Team members will foster each others talent, innovation, creativity and develop greater team effectiveness. 


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