I am solid, strong and embrace my interpersonal and spiritual growth, by the expression of the communication I receive from my soul. I allow my voice to emerge as a guide to help others, who may have emotional tears that need to learn how to flow. My gratitude gives me the ability to understand that the journey is different for each and everyone one of us. My knowledge can act as a service to others. 

I will be open to communication by sharing my light within, so you can be strong and sensitive to your own needs. If you ever find yourself at a loss, then look for guidance and learn to ask for help, and trust that true enlightenment comes to those who are not afraid.

Follow your inner voice as it has so much to say, and when you are ready to take the next steps towards your purpose in life, you will find a bridge that leads you to the steps you need to take. You can free yourself from the chain’s that bind you to the things that do not serve you anymore!

All you need to do is to seek the support of a trusted mentor, a soulful friend, who can keep you in a place of peace, while you accept the transformation that will come about from enjoying the freedom of choice and wisdom.

As you emerge and awaken to the potential within, you will begin the journey towards your individual reality, and you will connect with thoughts and feelings of your own power within. Set yourself free from boundaries and allow the emotional tears to flow away and learn how to fly from the deep pit of struggles to the light of love.

Embrace the lessons you have learnt so far, as the journey may not have been easy. It may have been full of uncertainty and self-doubt, but it was a necessary journey to take! As, before you can understand the beauty of abundance you have to know the feeling of being at a loss and have known, and felt how barren life can be. Knowing that this is the greatest lesson of all.

You will have fought many battles and faced many challenges but each time you were knocked down, you elevated to a new height, just like the phoenix. You have upturned each stone that was placed beside you, and you have found through your own soul the truth in all matters. Use you wings now to engage, explore, enhance and enjoy your life. Breath in the fresh air and greet each day with excitement of the possibilities that life as a divine spark can give you.

Eileen Hutchinson – outtake from my new book Expressions of the Soul!