In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People

Book of the week! I am recommending some reading material to some of my coachees and as such I thought I would share these books, articles and videos with you. I will share more of my work during 2020 in the shape of podcasts, the launch of my Youtube channel and new publications. For now I would like to review the book of the week “In Sheep’s Clothing”!

Dr. George Simon explains what makes manipulators tick and how manipulation works. He explains why manipulative people can make you feel crazy and why these back stabbers and con artists manage to get the better of you. In Sheep’s Clothing is Dr. Simon’s first book and has enjoyed unprecedented bestseller status for almost 14 years. Readily available at local bookstores, libraries, the book is regarded by many as the definitive manual for understanding manipulative people and other difficult characters and has been published in several foreign languages. Read it today and discover:

  • The true nature of aggressive and covert-aggressive (manipulative) personality types
  • The tactics manipulators use to deceive and get the better of others
  • The emotional vulnerabilities a person can have that make them prone to victimization
  • How to become more empowered in relationships with manipulator and other difficult characters.

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