Mindfulness is all about making changes and as your coach, I will help you to listen and communicate on a deeper level. You will develop new coping strategies for overcoming the stresses of everyday life.

What to Expect From the mindfulness programme: The mindfulness coaching programme has evolved from my training in NLP, CBT, Coaching, Person Centered Counselling and my Peer to Peer programmes delivered to staff, volunteers, and management who worked within the Mental Health Sector and NHS.

Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment and monitoring how you manage your state. You will discover the keys to becoming more self-aware and how to really manage and work with your thoughts and feelings. You will receive tools and techniques along with deep relaxing meditations. You will learn how to calm your mind, body, and spirit and bring harmony into your life.

Known Facts: Most of the time we become overwhelmed by events and situations which make us react, and our mind can then become unclear and tunes out, buying into the chatter within our own psyche. It’s like being on a busy road with no exit or room for clarity. Mindfulness coaching or training will help you to overcome many issues and gives you new tools so you can live a life full of balance, harmony, and peace.

Mindfulness will help you to overcome anxiety and lower the effects of depression, and you will notice feelings of positivity increasing throughout the sessions. Your concentration, memory and physical stamina will also be raised. Overall it is thought that the positive effects of mindfulness as a way of living can lead to a longer and healthier life.

As a Mindfulness Coach, I will: Help you to find a way of calming your thoughts. Assist you in creating a way to gain compassion and empathy for who you are. Help you in discovering new ways to focus on living in the present moment. Support you in identifying ways to boost physical and emotional health. Give you tools to help you accept yourself, making it easier for others to connect with you.

You will receive my e-book on mindfulness when you sign up to the membership programme.

You can use mindfulness coaching inline with my life coaching programme, which will assist in you making the changes in your life and move towards living in harmony. Read more about my life coaching programme here. Life Coaching by Eileen Hutchinson

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