Motivation supports individuals to develop positive behaviors and achieve their goals. Managers and business owners find motivational coaching helps them to keep on track and become more focused on achieving success. Book a session with me here. £65.00 per session

What to Expect From this Motivational programme: You can expect the Motivation programme to give you guidance and direction for personal issues, especially when you feel like overcoming difficulties that you may have with work colleagues, friends or family members. This programme will help you identify the issues and put in place solutions to overcome the situation and to help you to develop new behaviors and attitudes.

Known Facts: We all suffer from stress and a little bit of stress is good, but too much stress can impact on your life in a negative way, causing you to have sleepless nights, becoming lethargic, while your self-esteem takes a dive and the more you try to fight it the more you lose yourself. Motivational support will help you to reduce your fears, nervousness, anxiety and give you the tools and techniques to make the changes you need in order to live a healthy life.

As a Motivational Coach, I will: Assist you in finding your true zest for life and living. Help you to build new thoughts and overcome stresses and issues. I will support you in identifying the core issues around your problems and setbacks, while helping you in creating a life full of self-generated motivation which is sustainable, giving you new behaviors and motivational tools to move you ahead in life and work.

You will receive the motivational e-book as part of the Memberships programme.

Discover how to be the best you can be and reach your full potential. The cost is £65.00 per one-hour session. Sessions can be face to face, Skype or phone, and email. 

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