“From humble beginnings to living a life full of surprises and the journey is simply incredible”

Like most Entrepreneurs, my story is full of twists and turns, as life has a way of teaching us many lessons and the trick is to learn theses lessons as quickly as possible and then to live the life you want!

My passion for coaching began many years ago when I was struggling to recover from many setbacks in life. This was when I uncovered the powerful way that coaching can help you to change your life.

It was by default, I found myself being coached/mentored and as the old saying goes “Once the student is ready the teacher will appear”!

The coaching/mentoring I received changed my life in such an amazing way that it has now become my vocation and way of life. You see many years ago I was lost, broken and with no real purpose or direction and this was due to not knowing who I truly was and what I wanted out of my life. Through Coaching, NLP, CBT, Impact & Influence, (which I now specialise in), I learned how to create a life worth living and now I use these skills to help others achieve too.

Coaching is set at the heart of all the work I do and it has become my philosophy for living! From my one to one sessions to a room full of candidates, I become excited and empowered to share the many tools and techniques I have explored, learned and studied. Knowing that these tools will act like keys to help you turn your life, career or business around too!

I have a coaching and training business, developed over many years which offers accreditation from ILM, you can visit my company website by clicking on this link EH Leadership Coaching Academy My coaching practice has now enabled me to become an author of coaching and mentoring books. Please see the Books, Media & Podcast page for more information.

After 20 years of supporting people and businesses alike, I still have great pleasure in being able to share and pass on my extensive and empowering experiences. It is such a privilege to have worked with business startups and some of my clients have a international market. I continuously work with leadership teams, HR departments, Individuals and CEO’s. If you feel like I am the kind of coach you would like to work with then please contact me here!

Whether you’re a business owner, manager or simply wishing to improve yourself, by working with me, your perspective will be changed and you will gain the skills to design the life and future you want.

It is easy to unlock the hidden potential within but do you believe it is possible? At first, you might doubt your own abilities and this is how it should be. My purpose is to proactively challenge you to become the best version of yourself.

When working with me you will have access to interpersonal development, my knowledge and experience built over 20 years of commercial professional practice. I offer a variety of Coaching, and Leadership Programmes, “As one programme does not fit all”. I am able to offer you a vista of interventions and  together we will create a bespoke coaching or training package, which is not only right for you but will enable you to be at the centre of the programme. This way of working is truly dynamic and person or team-centric

“Who said you couldn’t have fun, explore, engage and learn at the same time”?



NLP, CBT, Psychotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring, Career Guidance, IAG, Counselling and Hypnotherapy.


Understanding Coaching and Mentoring (Insight Coaching & Mentoring Programme) Paperback – 2 Jan 2012
Publisher: MX Publishing (2 Jan. 2012)
ISBN-10: 178092108X

Publications I’m referenced in

The Little Big Book Of Coaching Models
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Podcast about 1-2-1 Coaching with me

Together we enable greatness!