“I am delighted to be in a position to give you a deeper understanding of my work and grateful to the many people who have taken the time to write a case study for me. I hope these case studies show you the depth of my work, which for me goes beyond offering coaching and training. My aim is to support and guide you to discover and understand how your own wisdom can bring about finding the inner resources you need in order to make the changes you want. I am committed to working with you in order to help you to make optimistic, real positive choices for your life, work and career.”

I have just completed the introduction to Life Coaching with Eileen Hutchinson

A huge thank you to my tutor, coach and mentor Eileen Hutchinson who I’ve known for nearly a year next month, she has taught me so much and the transformation in this time to understand life lessons, to believe in myself, to love me and to become a stronger and happier me, is remarkable. Every day I’m learning new things about myself being more selfish (which is ok) and to be there for others. We have to be happy within ourselves. Be grateful for everything in life, stop and look around as there is beauty in everything. And we never fail if we learn something from it. The Life Coaching Course is a fantastic course and I would recommend this to anyone. I’m only at the beginning of my journey of growing but I now see bigger and better things coming my way. The law of attraction

I have just completed the ILM Award in Life Coaching with Eileen Hutchinson

Eileen Hutchinson Thank you, as you are a role model in my life and as a life coach and mentor you know what it takes to connect with people and help them to understand themselves more. I am blessed that I had this special chance to be one of your students on this life coaching course, as you are such an inspirational teacher! Thank you xxxx Ewa

I have just completed the ILM Award in Life Coaching with Eileen Hutchinson

Aga – I received today my Award in Life Coaching, given to me by my awesome mentor Eileen Hutchinson.If anyone tells you, that you are too old, it’s too late and you won’t get anywhere in your life..don’t you believe them, as It’s never too late to learn and Eileen Hutchinson is an awesome mentor and coach

I have recently completed my ILM level 3 coaching certificate with Eileen Hutchinson - Review by Laura Mason – World Vision

Eileen has been an incredible support and encourager. Her knowledge and experience along with her lovely personality have made this course so much easier. The flexible style works so well for someone like me (busy working mum), and Eileen has been amazing at fitting sessions in around me. I have been challenged by Eileen, and have grown so much since working with her. Eileen thank you so much. Couldn’t recommend someone more.

A heartfelt testimonial put out on social media by one of my coachees -Review by Netty Wilson Artist

“Those of you who have seen my recent post about how my life has transformed and changed will notice that I mentioned the wonderful Eileen Hutchinson. Without her encouragement and skill, I would not be in the amazing place I am now. I am happy to recommend her skills and the wonderful person she is to you all. If you are looking to move forward in your life, but are stuck, look no further than this fantastic woman I am lucky to know and call my friend”

Studying to become a Life and Beyond NLP Coach - Review by Netty Wilson Artist

I had been searching for an online course for NLP for sometime when someone recommended to me that I take a look at the courses that Eileen Hutchinson runs and her HCMA Training Academy. After reading up on what the course and training had to offer me, I knew that I had to sign up and give this a try. I have been studying on this course now for a number of weeks and I can honestly say I am really impressed with the quality of material, the course structure and with Eileen herself. It has been a truly amazing experience studying with Eileen and her supervision and mentorship have been life-changing for me. The core values and material that have been shared throughout my training, will enable me to teach and support others to reach their goals and potential too. This is an ongoing journey, however, I know that I have learned some truly valuable lessons and skills which will set the foundations for a positive and fulfilled life and future.

Part-time Business Development Manager at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce - Review by Sue Munn

Eileen in a consummate professional who delivers a strong product. Her work with the Bedfordshire and Luton Chamber has been effective and I would recommend her services to like-minded programmes.

Enterprise Entrepreneurship ILM level 3 - Review by Iryna Wawryn Interior Designer

Eileen Hutchinson was my coach on a training course level 3 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, and I found the course both interesting and exciting. I gained useful and necessary knowledge on how to organise and develop one’s own business. All communication was interactive, using well-prepared PowerPoint presentation, and much independent work. Eileen enjoys what she does, and her energy permeates through to her students. Eileen made us think, and although she gave us a fishing rod, we will have to catch the fish ourselves. It will not be easy, but with determination and patience, one can get there. I was extremely pleased to receive my certificate, and I say thank you to Eileen for a job well done. Now I combine work on my own projects and a freelancer job for the furniture company where I do bedroom design. I enjoy the freedom of my choice, flexibility and possibility to develop my skills.

ILM Level 2 Award in Developing Mentoring Skills - Review by Kate Fitchew-Cattrell Dip CDG MCDI

Participating in ILM level 2 Award Developing Mentoring Skills through HCMA Training Academy I was pleasantly surprised, the delivery was paced to enable everyone to gain effective support. Sometimes training courses can be dull and repetitive and approached with dread but Eileen, who obviously knows her NLP well, enabled everyone to work to their strengths and benefit from attending rather than going over the same old clichés. The information and handouts that were given were useful and would allow all to put into practice within their own working environment. I’m looking forward to using the developed skills and sincerely hope that mine and Eileen’s path cross again as I feel through her training I can be a better person.

ILM Level 2 Award in Developing Mentoring Skills - Review by Angela Carpenter

I recently participated in an excellent day’s training with Eileen Hutchinson: ILM Level 2 Introduction to Mentoring. I must admit, having already acquired the ILM Level 2 Team Leader certificate, I wasn’t sure beforehand if Eileen’s delivery would add value to that. How wrong I was! Eileen’s style is welcoming and inclusive, warm yet professional, so from walking into the room for the first time you feel that you belong and are “amongst friends.” To be honest, I have to be “in the mood” to be receptive to training, but any reticence was very quickly dispelled as Eileen enthused and engaged me. Testament to Eileen’s very special and unique style is the experience of a fellow delegate – prior to attending, he felt that he wouldn’t have anything to contribute and (to quote) “if I’m stuck next to a right know-it-all who won’t shut up I’ll just get the hump and clam up.” Oh, how wrong he was, too! He was the definition and the very epitome of the life and soul of the party, and for the purposes of our self-study exercise, we will actually be mentoring each other! Eileen’s presentation style and course content are excellent. Unlike other rather starchy and prescriptive facilitators, Eileen does not baulk from sharing experiences and the subtle, almost subliminal application of the continual drip-drip of positivity. A knowledgeable and exceptional professional, I will not hesitate to recommend Eileen Hutchinson and HCMA to enhance and inspire any HR, professional or personal development programmes.

Director, Noise Solution. ILM Level 2 Award in Developing Mentoring Skills - Review by Simon

My session with HCMA was a great introduction and gateway to the theory and practice of Mentoring, it confirmed for me that what we’ve been doing intuitively has a much wider richer history and context and opened up a lot of doors in terms of development opportunities. Thank you very much.

Trainer, Assessor, Facilitator & Coach – PEG Training Resources – Always a Solution ILM Diploma In Coaching - Review by Pauline Gibbs

Attending Eileen’s training sessions are very special, whilst completing the ILM Coaching and Mentoring in Management Qualification Eileen provided an environment which was conducive to learning. She has the qualities and ability to both challenge and support which enabled me to both stretch myself with confidence and learn at the same time. Eileen was always on hand to listen and provide encouragement. She has the most amazing ability to engage and motivate a person to keep focused and achieve their aims and objectives. Eileen has inspired me to take further steps to realise my own ambition of becoming a successful freelance Trainer, Facilitator and Coach, I can’t thank her enough.

Senior Manager NHS ILM level 5 Diploma In Coaching and Mentoring in Management - Review by Dorsey Precht

As a course delegate, I can say the ‘coaching in the countryside’ environment is very conducive to learning in a comfortable and safe space where the energy can remain open and energised by the stimulating conversation and risk-taking atmosphere that Eileen creates with her students.

Project worker and Parenting Coach – 2014 ILM level 5 Certificate In Coaching and Mentoring in Management - Review by Rachel Knight

Perfect….what better way to learn and inspire the senses so that new ideas and concepts formulate and flow. Such a wonderful environment to learn and grow in.

Msc MRICS (Mauritius) – Project Manager, Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Real Estate Consulting, Construction consultants Mauritius. NLP at Work - Review by Gowtam Chekhori

Eileen is an incredible trainer and coach. I am privileged to have met her and worked with her. I would highly recommend her for coaching, mentoring and training.

ILM Mentoring and Coaching Bespoke programme developed for in-house client - Review by Lorna Cunningham – Manager Guideposts Watford

The Mentoring & Coaching came at just the right time for our organisation – the courses, have helped staff, volunteers and clients to support each other at a more constructive level than previously, and has helped some individuals’ confidence enormously. I particularly think that the goal setting and some of the techniques, such as looking at the different areas of your own life, fits into our holistic approach

Community Mental Health Worker/Employment Training Coordinator ILM level 5 Certificate In Coaching and Mentoring in Management - Review by Peter Wesson

I recently completed the Level 5 ILM ‘Coaching and Mentoring in Management Certificate’ course with Eileen Hutchinson and HCMA. From the outset this course helped me gain deeper insight into the coaching and mentoring processes, enabling me to develop and apply new approaches in a fresh and exciting way, bringing a whole new dimension to my work. The knowledge that I have gained through the course is applied in all aspects of my life on a daily basis and has become an integral part of my business methodology. As always, Eileen Hutchinson delivers the course with a passion for the subject matched only by an unrivalled depth of knowledge, and always with warmth and good humour; I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone with a wish to understand more about Coaching and Mentoring.

Enterprise Entrepreneurship - Review by Adriana Lokman - Director at Lokman Consulting Limited & Founder of The Women’s Resource Hub

Eileen is an extraordinary social entrepreneur that maintains high standards in all areas of work – from her one to one advice sessions to training a room full of people. I readily recommend and refer my business start-up clients to Eileen with the knowledge that they will be looked after. Although we may compete on some levels, I have found Eileen becoming a mentor figure to me and look forward to continuing partnership working with her.

One to one Executive coaching. - Review by CEO PPS training

I found the coaching session absolutely invaluable both personally and professionally. You enabled me to identify and overcome the main issue with speed and skill. Thank you so much for helping me realise that I have great strengths, personal power and I can still be me!

One to one Executive coaching - Review by Leslie Billy Operational Manager – Viewpoint MH Charity

I met Eileen in February 2007, when she gave a (very good) presentation on coaching & mentoring at a Herts Training Consortium event. It left an indelible mark on me which has helped me with my professional/personal development. Eileen is an inspirational person, who I feel believes in the importance and the essential nature of enabling people to take control of their lives and learn the tools to support their peers and develop their professional relationships. Eileen has developed a pioneering training package which has allowed me and other people on her courses to flourish, begin to maximise our individual/collective potential and believe in the hope for a brighter future and work towards our goals. It continues to be a pleasure working with Eileen; I value the support and integrity of her work with me and my fellow students, I look forward to a long association. “She is my guru”

NLP at Work - Review by Gowtam Chekhori – Principal Trainer & Consultant at QLP Coaching

Eileen is an incredible trainer and coach. I am privileged to have met her and worked with her. I would highly recommend her for coaching, mentoring and NLP training.

Review by Kanti Freeman Sound Therapist, Divine Harmony

Eileen is an amazing facilitator who creates an atmosphere of fun to work in, which brings out the best in everyone. Eileen is thorough and professional and I highly recommend her.

One to one Executive coaching - Review by Mark Straker – Film Writer & Producer

Eileen is a first class business coach, trainer, NLP Practitioner and mentor. Who provides excellent advice, information and guidance in a thoroughly professional manner.

One to one Executive coaching - Review by Jacquie Hime – CEO CVS Letchworth Herts

Eileen is an excellent listener and has a sound knowledge of the way partnerships and relationships work. I was impressed by her ability to ‘read’ and understand a situation within a very short space of time. Her work was completed within a tight timescale and has produced a report that has provoked a great deal of discussion.

Review by David Owen – Hypnotist & Performance Coach

Eileen is very passionate about achieving change through coaching and training. She is able to determine the right balance between challenge and support and recognises the importance of humour in all aspects of her work. I can only recommend her very highly!

Case Study NHS Coaching – Dorsey Precht, Associate Director Clinical Services Development

Case Study NHS Coaching – Dorsey Precht, Associate Director Clinical Services Development

This programme was to develop and support the implementation of a career development, coaching capability, and strategy for a senior director of clinical services within the NHS. The aim was to assess Dorsey’s development to move into a coaching role. The assessment and 360 feedback loop implemented a 3-year learning and development strategy.

Packages purchased for this purpose was a mixture of:

Career Coaching
ILM Diploma level 5 Coaching and Mentoring in Management.
NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Leadership communication tool.
Dorsey overview

“The Insight Model offered me an accessible and more detailed SMART approach to the coaching process. It allowed me to incorporate the TGROW model into its stages but had the added benefit of offering more of a specific focus on behaviours, personal reflections and capabilities instead of assuming they will get considered, especially since the model is operating in and between sessions so can be applied at a micro or macro level. I think the hierarchy of needs was a helpful reminder to check with how the coachee was prioritising and framing their process as well as seeing that stages relevance and latent impact/ presence within the four previous stages. I think the model supports a ‘human’ approach instead of just the more functional models that can be applied without sensitivity to the whole person.

An important outcome for me from the coaching and training was to be more explicit about my identity as a coach. When I meet other colleagues who have been through similar coaching process and coaching courses, I feel their focus was more regurgitation and applying theory. While important and included in my coaching and course, their learning seemed to lack time to figure you who they were as aspiring coaches. The coaching and the career development gave me the freedom to integrate my own style and confidently allow intuition to be a feature of my skill, unapologetically. I also appreciated the intimacy of the coaching intervention and course. I would not have wanted to be one of 30 people in a conference hall in London. Instead, our coaching venue with smaller group facilitated openness and sharing on a level I found impactful and conducive to my learning style.

I also feel that my coach (Eileen Hutchinson) modelled a well-balanced approach of strength, straightforwardness and constructive challenge with an open, positive vulnerability and empowering style. I continue to ‘channel’ her in my mind at times with coachee (line management) when a more ‘tough love’ approach is needed to cut to the chase with kindness while leaving open a way forward”.

Coaching capabilities achieved were:

Self-awareness as a key characteristic of effective coaching
Critically reviewing the coaching activity, looking at the process, patterns and outcomes.
Critically evaluating own skills, focussing particularly on approach, communication skills, and relationship management.
Ensuring coaching is ethical and non-judgemental
Testimonial from Dorsey on social media “As a course delegate, I can say the ‘coaching in the countryside’ environment is very conducive to learning in a comfortable and safe space where the energy can remain open and energised by the stimulating conversation and risk-taking atmosphere that Eileen creates with her students” Dorsey Precht

Case Study - TCHC ACER Mentoring Training

Case Study – TCHC

The Skills Funding Agency, ESF and ACER commissioned a programme of workforce development for 61 participants in Suffolk and Norfolk. The project was to deliver ILM level 2 Award in Mentoring Skills in partnership with TCHC with a mixture of employed delegates and owner/managers. Delegates received both mentoring training and were mentored/coached, using the coaching methodologies GROW and Insights Coaching and Mentoring cycle developed by Eileen Hutchinson

All delegates received a copy of the book ‘Insight Coaching and Mentoring’, published by Eileen Hutchinson and Dr Richard Hale to complement the mentoring training.

The practical benefits of this coaching and mentoring programme have been widely documented by ACER. Case studies and testimonials were produced with a higher outcome rate from the coaching/mentoring training than anticipated and included achievement of the following:

Development of a mentoring guide:

Employers described the main benefits as;

Increased motivational aptitude,
Development of knowledge and skills,
Change management and succession planning,
Enhanced business performance,
Improved relationship between coaches/mentors and mentees.
Coachee/mentee described the benefits as;

Increased motivation,
Identification of career advancement,
improved commitment to businesses,
Organisational improvement,
Greater job satisfaction,
Enhanced skill set.
Managing change and succession:

Focusing on the development, abilities, behaviours of leaders and leadership roles, candidates cited the following benefits;

Improved job performance,
Enhanced understanding and knowledge of the perspective of others,
Improved communication,
Advances of minority groups,
Improved self-awareness,
Loyalty rejuvenation,
Opening up to new opportunities.
Participants who run small businesses;

Cited the following benefits;

Gained valuable new skills,
Clarified their business vision,
Increased sustainability.
Overall benefits for coaches/mentees:

Cited the following benefits;

Development of knowledge and understanding,
Improved abilities and skills,
Faster learning,
Enhanced decision-making,
improved understanding of business organisation workings (e.g. politics, policies, enhanced Positive risk-taking and improved support for innovation),
Gaining of confidence,
Increased well-being.
Support and aftercare of participants were delivered via online methods including:

An online mentoring group
Access to further learning materials, publications, articles
Regular updates from the HCMA ILM level 2 study groups.
A support network group set-up on LinkedIn facilitated by Eileen, which is still running.
Celebrating Success;

Nominations were included for learners of the year awards.
An end of course celebration event was held
Testimonials from delegates can be viewed at http://hcma-academy.com/mentoring-skills-ilm-level-2-award-in-introduction-to

Coaching capabilities are crossed to the ILM coaching framework- additional coaching capabilities demonstrated are:

Assessing the coaching/mentoring effectiveness of current workforce development of employees.
Developed and addressed personal skills and development, as well as business and work skills.
Personal development (53%) improving specific areas of organisational performance (26%). On an individual level, though, more organisations (95%) used the coaching/mentoring to focus on business and workplace skills. Building capabilities that support effective coaching/mentoring techniques
Supervision of candidates

Case Study CEO Care Company

Case Study – Care Company CEO

This programme was to develop and support the implementation of a leadership development strategy together with the leadership capability for a newly appointed CEO. The aim was to coach and introduce a spectrum of coaching and NLP leadership techniques together with practical exercises in order for the CEO to develop a coaching culture within the organisation and support the transferring of good practice from one environment to another. The concept of transferring practice was needed, due to inherent and inherited problematic staff issues.

The CEO was coached in how to transfer coaching and NLP tools and techniques in extended period of context awareness building so that the staff could assess their working environment, develop insight, understanding, and confidence to overcome issues and barriers, and to bring about effective and sustained cultural change.

Therefore, the leadership and coaching development related to the transfer of practice across professional boundaries and supported a deeper consideration of operational and cultural limitations; this required the buy-in from the senior management team.

The CEO indicated that the opportunity to increase her-awareness and reflection was a valuable addition to her leadership studies and personal development, creating a deeper and more insightful approach. This coaching style was different from other experiences available to her because:

The coaching and NLP leadership programme was personalised and focused.
It was tailored-made and personal.
It provided an independent, objective setting for developing thought.
It delivered interesting ways to “step out of the box” and gain wider perspectives.
The coaching delivered was a facilitative process with and emphasise on unlocking capabilities through guided questioning and NLP leadership techniques.
The scope of the coaching was both valuable and worthwhile activity, with a clear consensus on coaching as a development tool.
Thus the CEO was equipped to focus on improving performance within the organisation, by helping the people to do their jobs to the best of their ability and become aware of how to problem solve for themselves. Staff benefitted from increased confidence a sense of personal growth and fulfillment and took the opportunity to develop new leadership skills. Productivity has increased; it’s made people more responsible.

This was achieved by the CEO establishing a robust coaching culture linked to organisational objective and performance. As a result, the CEO has successfully created a workplace environment where individuals demonstrate initiative, have authority and are empowered to achieve and learn, grow and deliver to their full potential.

Coaching capabilities were crossed to the ILM coaching framework.”Coaching is a management skill that people have to work on and improve”. This calls for training, experience, ongoing development, and support. Organisations wishing to maximise the benefits of coaching should focus on increasing its scope and availability to create a coaching culture that permeates throughout their workforce.

This means that coaching must be supported at the very top of the organisation, but not limited to senior executives and that organisations need to devote resources to developing their internal coaching capability.

Peer to Peer Mentoring Guidepost Trust

The Mental Health Sector; Peer coaching & mentoring

HCMA (Harmony Coaching & Mentoring Avenues) developed and pioneered a highly effective peer to peer coaching & mentoring programme delivered to Mind Network, Guideposts Trust, Viewpoint and Dens in Hertfordshire. The course was written and delivered by HCMA, accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, and students opted for either the Endorsed or Development Award, depending on their level of experience. Subjects included: Goal setting; Motivation; Managing the relationship and well-formed outcomes. The training was delivered to a mixture of staff, volunteers and clients. On completion of the training the clients were given the opportunity to become volunteer coaches and mentors and this progression plan really helped individuals to move on to next step in making a huge change in how they perceived themselves – In Hertfordshire there is a pool of mentors who coach others to make positive changes in their lives and overcome some of the issues around their mental health. Supervision formed part of the initiative and the outcomes from the training have literally changed people’s lives. It was a very personal experience and people who suffered from low self-esteem gained new insights into their personal and behavioural problems and made incredible progress. “The Mentoring & Coaching came at just the right time for our organisation – the courses, have helped staff, volunteers and clients to support each other at a more constructive level than previously, and has helped some individuals’ confidence enormously. I particularly think that the goal setting and some of the techniques, such as looking at the different areas of your own life, fits into our holistic approach”
Review by: Manager Guideposts, Watford Hertfordshire,

Research Recovery Centre Hertfordshire University

My Journey started with Eileen Hutchinson Hi, my name is Joy and I would like to tell you about my journey whilst attending the Community Champion course, which started in March this year facilitated by Eileen Hutchinson. I decided to join the HCMA programme in Borehamwood because I am a budding social entrepreneur – I deliver community projects for young females in the Borehamwood area.”

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Putting the pieces together for a fulfilled life and business

Hello, my name is Lorraine. I am writing today to express my gratitude for the support, mentoring and coaching that I received from Eileen Hutchinson.