Career Development Coaching

Do you feel like your career is off track? Do you need to review your skills & abilities? Or is it time to put your team back in the spotlight!

Career Development Coaching gives you a clear direction on career matters, it helps you to answer any questions around either leaving your current job or making the changes necessary to adapt and get the best out of where you are.

As a manager, you may want to introduce career development coaching to your team, in the form of CPD “continuous personal development”, just to ensure you are keeping your team up to date with relevant career-related development! 

We all know that self-respect and self-confidence are aspects of the energy we need to support our personality. When we repress or make small our individuality, we create a level of internal disrespect for ourselves and this leads to stress. Career coaching offers you the space to look at the choices you have made, and validates your capabilities and improves your self-esteem, which removes stress. Career coaching can encourage, empower, and enlighten you. You will move towards discovering your true potential, strengths, and self-worth. You will have access to a range of tools and personality profiling including Career Audit, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Leadership Coaching tools and capabilities techniques. 

Here are some of the results and benefits of career coaching:

    • You will improve your performance, productivity, and professional development.
    • You will understand the importance of how to develop internal relationships by building rapport with your peers.
    • You will have greater flexibly, adaptability and become “the go-to person”.
    • You will communicate and get your ideas across with less stress and more time for work activities.
    • If you are returning to work after a career break I can give you the support needed to get you back on track.

Career Development:

  • Receive coaching around your existing role and development needs.
  • Identify behavioural changes or skills needed in order to make this role work for you.
  • Plan your career progression and review progress on a monthly basis.
  • Undertake a career profiling audit to ensure you are ready and equipped for the job move or the promotion.

Outcomes from career coaching:

  • Awareness of personal insights, increased confidence and self-belief.
  • An objective review of your personality traits, behaviours and communication styles.
  • Experience improved enthusiasm, recognition, efficiency, and career progression.
  • Overcome a wide variety of challenges on a personal and professional level.
  • Create a new narrative by – Regulating, Rewinding and Responding to situations and events.

“Discover and explore your potential”. The cost is £150.00 per session. Sessions can be via video conference calls and email. The cost for face to face sessions will be discussed on an individual basis.

Required Investment

You can choose to have just one session or a series of sessions, the choice is yours! I do however recommend my 3-month programme as this will bring about incredible results for you on a professional and personal level. The investment is £600.00 per month for 3 months at a total of £1,800.00 – The sessions are via video conferencing once a week, or we can meet face to face for half a day per month. You will receive the career audit as a complimentary session, again this can be purchased independently. Contact me to discuss your needs and we will create the programme best suited to you or your team.

Career Profiling

You will receive a comprehensive career profile audit to complete and this will give you a full overview of the career which is best matched to your personal and skills profile.

The cost for the Career Audit is £175.00 and is an option for you to consider. If you book the 3-month package with me, the Career Audit will be offered as a complimentary session.


“I started my journey with a passion but no idea and no confidence of how to take my business forward. I met Eileen on a business start up course where she took me under her wing and fueled me with so much knowledge, confidence and woman power, she hasn’t just changed my current and future career, she has put a strut in my step. Eileen isn’t just a coach she is an amazing lady who coaches from her heart”.

Thank you Karen Jeffery

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