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Coaching is so much more than just a conversation! Coaching goes beyond the ability to ask questions and listen attentively. Coaching explores personality traits, behavioural habits and thinking processes. EH!

I would like to invite you to explore coaching as it is an effective way to develop yourself, your team or business idea. You will find so many tools and techniques being used in coaching today, and there are a lot of different packages too. A good coach will utilise all of these tools and techniques to help you achieve your desired outcome.

The intention of this page is to give you an overview of the different coaching themes, tools and techniques that are used within the coaching industry. I use all of these tools to help my clients develop a bespoke coaching programme and I hope you find the information useful.

My work has been modelled and studied from an NLP and psychological perspective. The observations were to review the techniques I used with individuals and groups. This was due to the incredible breakthroughs people experienced when working with me. By reviewing my work, I went on to develop the “5E’s Model of Coaching” and the “Insights Coaching Model”. These are unique processes becoming influential within the coaching, mentoring and leadership sector. My work is referenced by other professionals and authors too.

My 5E’s model enables you to engage with others more effectively, for example exploring how you feel when asked certain questions is just one way of engaging in the coaching relationship. Exploring is all about creating a safe space to examine situations from a new and different perspective. Aside from “Exploring” and “Engaging”, you will test many new tools and techniques, helping you to create insight and an awareness of how to define your goals, enhancing your learning, while creating new solutions to current problems. The 5 E’s model will enable you to clearly plan and elevate to a higher level of self-actualisation.

You will find the 5 E’s coaching model to be a powerful intervention as it enables a coachee to experience rapid results by working at an accelerated pace. It unlocks barriers by helping you to really get to grips with the changes you want and need to make. You can use my 5 E’s model in your, coaching, mentoring or leadership development programmes.

Please see my booking section on the website to engage with me. The model at the bottom of this page gives you an idea of how the 5 E’s programme works.

I would like to invite you to take some time to explore the coaching interventions below, as they will give you a deeper understanding of how my sessions work and what to expect from each coaching theme. Please note all of the interventions come with a different range of tools and techniques, however, together, we will create a bespoke coaching programme around your specific needs – please call me to explore how we can work together.

ILM Effective Coaching & Mentoring qualifications – from level 2 to 7. Accreditation for the ILM qualifications is achieved through my company EH Leadership Coaching Academy.

Workplace Coaching, Leadership Development and Transformation.Performance coaching still leads the field in business coaching and leadership development. Performance coaching is the foundations of my coaching practice, which inspired me to create a coaching model focusing on real outcomes for individuals and teams. The Insights Coaching model is featured in my book “Understanding Coaching and Mentoring”.

Career Development Coaching Gives you a clear direction on career matters and helps you to answer any questions around either leaving your current job or making the changes necessary to adapt and get the best out of where you are. You will be invited to look at your patterns of behaviour and to undertake a career review to ensure you are on the right track.

Leadership Coaching for Individuals and CompaniesAre you in a leadership role? Do wish to improve your team’s performance, and need a helping hand to support you along the way. If so you will find my leadership coaching will equip you to become an effective leader.

Coaching Supervision Supports professional coaches/mentors with the opportunity to reflect on the skills and knowledge they have gained.

Business Mentoring  – Supports you if you are wanting to set up in business or if you are looking to grow your business. 

Life Coaching – Assists you in gaining in-depth knowledge of how to use effective tools to support you in making the changes you seek in your life. You may be suffering from low self-esteem, low confidence, a lack of purpose, or trying to overcome an addiction. Motivational Coaching – Helps you to develop positive behaviours and achieve your goals. Managers and business owners find motivational coaching helps them to keep on track and become more focused on achieving success. Mindfulness Coaching  Enables you to connect and listen to your inner wisdom. You will learn how to live in the present moment and create inner peace, contentment, and clarity.

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As a course delegate, I can say the “coaching in the countryside” environment is very conducive to learning in a comfortable and safe space, where the energy can remain open and energised by the stimulating conversation and risk-taking atmosphere that Eileen creates with her students.

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