Life Coaching

Do you feel like you are walking around in a fog-like state? Or, are you just not happy with your current life? Maybe you have no real sense of direction?

If so, then my “Life Coaching Packages” will assist you in gaining the knowledge in how to use coaching techniques to effect positive change. We all run patterns of negative behaviour but if these patterns are impacting, imprinting and creating you to have pain and suffering, then it is time to change.

Throughout the coaching programme, you will develop a deeper understanding of who you are and explore your thought patterns, beliefs and values, which will support you in making the changes you seek. You will have the opportunity to grow in confidence, self-esteem, and interpersonal development. You will uncover the patterns, strategies and stories you run within yourself and learn how to change them. You will create a new foundation for living and have a fresh perspective on how you see yourself.

Who is life coaching for?

You will find life coaching is for anyone who is seeking to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make changes in their life. Individuals or business who engage with me, want to understand themselves more and to create direction in their life or business.

My coaching practice is open to individuals, organisations and anyone who wishes to incorporate a coaching or personal development culture. Coaching programmes are an effective way to develop people because they use holistic tools creating a matrix of possibilities. You will find my practice to be supportive in helping you to uncover and open yourself up to your full potential.

I understand what it takes to make the changes for one to turn one’s life around. I bring many therapeutic models to my coaching practice which I have studied for many years. I will share with you an assortment of these techniques in order to empower you. I have developed a comprehensive toolkit for life and living which is now available to you.

You will be guided through each model as directed by the coaching sessions. The tools and techniques included are NLP, CBT, The Drama Triangle, Transactional Analysis, Psychotherapy, Grief Counselling, Personality Profiling and Solution-focused Coaching.

These life-changing interventions are described by many to be transformational. Please visit the testimonial page of my website to see what people are saying.

Here are some of the results and benefits of life coaching:

  • You will learn about life coaching as a powerful development tool.
  • You will develop practical skills and learn how to make achievable goals.
  • You will explore life coaching as a means of generating personal and professional change.
  • You will learn how to plan improvements in your own life while developing a coaching philosophy.
  • You will explore your triggers, and learn how to implement a new way of regulating these triggers.

Outcomes from life coaching:

  • You will have the opportunity to develop self-awareness which is the key to self-mastery.
  • You will understand your “Emotional Intelligence” and how you can make your “EI” work for you.
  • You will develop the ability to identify and change your behaviour by creating a new narrative around your identity.
  • You will learn about the power of reflection and how simple ways can support you in making incredible breakthroughs.
  • You will understand yourself more and I will assist you in overcoming the challenges and barriers that you are facing in your life right now, which can include work-related issues.

Required Investment

You can choose to have just one session at a cost of £150.00 or a series of sessions, the choice is yours! I do however recommend my 3-month programme as this will bring about incredible results for you on a professional and personal level. The investment is  £600.00 a month and for 3 months a total of £1,800.00 – The sessions are via video conferencing once a week, or we can meet face to face for half a day per month.  Contact me to discuss your needs and we will create the programme best suited to you or your team.

If you would like to book a session to explore your requirements, I’m pleased to offer you an introductory explore session at £75.00. You may find this session is all you need or we will develop a coaching programme to fit your life, career or business objectives.

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Why Coaching?

“I had the pleasure of working with Eileen on a photo-shoot recently, and she is such a pleasure to work with. Eileen is confident and full of fire, and It was just awesome to finally meet her in person, and with her talents and grace, we decided to take me on a journey and open another door to life. I can’t thank her enough for the help I have received!

My life is now on track! Stefanie Cummins.

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