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Who I am and what I do?

Hello, my name is Eileen Hutchinson, I am a Coach, Trainer and L&D specialist with over 20 years’ teaching experience. I have authored books on coaching and mentoring and created my own coaching models. My work is referenced in coaching and  a management theory books, translated into 10 different languages. I specialise in developing people, teams and businesses. 

I work with Universities, SMEs, Corporate and International Charities, on leadership, coaching, mentoring and behavioral change management programmes.

My clients see me as, a soulful friend, who offers guidance and wisdom to help each person on their journey. A, trusted mentor who communicates the truth of how things work, who guides you through the pitfalls and supports you through the maze of learning in life, a mentor on how to achieve the results you want!

My work is shared with you through publications, media interviews, short films by the UK Government and Universities.

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Who are you?

My clients are insightful, curious individuals and businesses, who are seeking a fresh way of learning and engaging. They want to know themselves on a deeper level and have the courage to explore and engage in their own personal and professional development.

They know and understand how things have been and are ready to embrace the challenges that are placed before them. Most importantly they want to be themselves and reach their potential by becoming the best person or team they can be.

Please do get in touch with me and I will be pleased to offer a short exploratory telephone conversation. Interested in working with me? Call  Mobile +44 (0) 7771 825030 or email info@eileenhutchinson.com

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My Training Academy offers ILM Accreditation

I offer open courses and training to fit around you and your working schedule. You have the choice of distance learning, one to one coaching or in-house training.

Enrol anytime and decide on the best training option for you. Accreditation for the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management Programmes) are achieved via my training company an approved ILM center. Click here for more details EH Leadership Coaching Academy 

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