Coaching with Compassion

I am recommending some reading material to some of my coachees and as such, I thought I would share these books, articles, and videos with you too. This month I would like to Build on and review the work of Thomas Moore by exploring his book ‘Care of the Soul’. This book is a must for anyone wanting to coach with compassion.

When I first studied counselling, many years ago, I read ‘Care of the Soul’ by Thomas Moore. Now as a qualified coach, who also trains others to become a life or management coach, I recommend many books for my students to read and this month it is ‘Care of the Soul’.

I’m thrilled, at last, modern behavioural psychology has explored the existence of the human soul. I believe to coach with compassion you need to embrace the whole person, i.e. mind, body, and soul.

Only by looking deeply inward to the soul can a person discover the essential components for coping with life’s problems. Only by accepting who you really are, can you start the process of healing. The soul is the centre and core of every human being. It is the only way to look more deeply into emotional issues that you may find yourself in.

The soul is beyond the reach of rational inquiry as it is seeking for the truth, an investigation of the inner-self. Of course, one will need to address areas of love, hate, jealousy, envy, and depression or failure. When we face our inner demons, we face our shadow side and learn how to embrace our mistakes and learn from them.

The ways to explain the workings of the soul, are explored in Thomas Moore’s book ‘Care of the Soul’.

Moore uses metaphors to illustrate the universal truths about human triumphs and sufferings. In this book, Moore empowers us to unravel the mysteries of life in a way that rational inquiry cannot.

By examining the symbolic way, a person’s relationship to the world functions. You can move towards a profound sense of acceptance and understanding. This way of working needs to be done with compassion, as without compassion the environment of self-acceptance cannot be created.

To reach the level of awareness of the soul, one must accept its existence. This entails a journey deep towards the centre of self. The voyage of self-discovery may be uncomfortable but is crucial. It is a journey that many people have taken. Metaphors and fables can give us the opportunity to explore who we really are.

For me, the book ‘Care of the Soul’ offers us an opportunity to really learn how to coach with compassion, but we must have compassion for ourselves before we can offer compassion to others. The overview of the book is below and it will help you to look more deeply into how you can have fulfilling life experiences.

Book overview

CARE OF THE SOUL, Thomas Moore’s worldwide bestseller which has sold over a million’s copies, is a powerful and uplifting book that offers a new way of thinking about daily life – its problems and its creative opportunities.

CARE OF THE SOUL helps you to look more deeply into emotional problems and to appreciate sacredness in ordinary things – real friends, satisfying conversation, fulfilling work, and experiences that stay in the memory and touch the heart.

Thomas Moore draws on his own life as a therapist practising ‘care of the soul’, his studies of the world’s religions, his teaching of Jungian psychology and art therapy, and his work in music and art to create this inspirational guide that examines the connections between spirituality and the problems of individuals and society.

About the Author

Thomas Moore (born October 8, 1940, in Detroit, Michigan) is an American psychotherapist, former monk, and writer of popular spiritual books, including the New York Times bestseller Care of the Soul (1992). He writes and lectures in the fields of archetypal psychology, mythology, and imagination.

I look forward to each new book by Thomas Moore, knowing that he can be counted upon to offer fresh meanings discovered through the depths of experience and expressed in sublime language.

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